Tip to Run more than 1 app at once in Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one such tablet which is loaded with capability of maximum multitasking and far superior than all others present in the market. It is because of the larger screen, very efficient and powerful hardware along with multi window mood that allow us to shift between multitasking and apps and all concurrently. Basically it is designed for two apps at a time but users can open the third window in the hovering window. You only need to have the basic know how about it.

You must enable multi windows mode before performing this extra ordinary multi tasking operation. Now hold on the notification panel and scroll through toggle buttons to see if the multi window is activated. Go to settings, than multi tasking and confirmed the check box is marked. Now users need to follow the stated below steps.

Open an app and swipe down diagonally from either of the screen’s top corners. This will activate Pop-up view mode – basically, the app will now run in a hovering window.

Hold down your back button. This will cause a pop-up sidebar to appear, listing all your apps compatible with Multi Window mode.

Pick a desired app’s icon and drop it on the top or bottom half of the screen.

Repeat step 3 with another app, but drop it on the opposite side of your screen. You should now have these two apps running side by side with the third app still hovering over them.

In case you want to move the hovering app when in use and it is covering the apps underneath it, just drag it around holding the mouse in the white circle on its top edge. At this very point are the “minimize” and “close” buttons for this app. You can open yet another (fourth) app, follow the same steps as given above.

With this procedure you can open one extra app beside the two windows already provided for multi tasking. We hope this explanation has been interesting and useful for you.

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