Tip to increase the battery life of HTC ONE M9

THE ONE M9 is the handset which is packed with many feature and users will feel joy when they have the smartphone like HTC ONE M9. There is no doubt that the handset came with the charming metal design and accommodates the users to the maximum limit. But unfortunately the handset is not the ordinary smartphone and for running the handset is proper manner the HTC placed a powerful battery inside the smartphone but still the handset battery is not enough if users consecutively use the mobile without any break. But there must be tips to increase the battery life of the smartphone. Here we have some useful tips with us to increase the battery life of HTC ONE M9.

Battery saver modes

For saving the battery the option named “Battery saver mode” is present to activate the option users need to go in settings than select Power menu and they will One M9’s power saver and extreme power saving modes. Power saving mode confines the CPU usage, condense screen brightness and frame rate, turns off touch key light and vibration alert, and trim down the time before the screen turns off upon receiving a notification. Ultra power saving mode restrict the smartphone further by changing the display colors to grayscale, restricting app usage, and turning off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. Both modes are very convenient when your battery percentage is in the single digits. If users activate them the battery life of the handset is defiantly increased.

High Performance” mode

This option is present in the hidden Developer Options menu lays the High Performance toggle, which the Snapdragon 810 processor in the HTC One M9 keeps running at a higher frequency. This option increases the performance of the processor, but reduces battery life. The option is not activated by default, but users can check it out nevertheless and activate the option. If they do not know how to access the developer options menu, go to Settings, about, tap Software information and then tap more. Keep tapping on Build number until you get the message that you’re now a developer. Then find Developer Options in Settings.

Disable apps and functionality

Some apps consume more energy than others, and the smart thing to do is to keep their battery usage in check. It is recommend two ways to handle this. The easy option is to install Greenify , a terrific software which stops unwanted apps from covering the smartphone and leeching battery. The do-it-yourself path is to use Android’s built in Battery monitor and Application manager. Go to Settings, Power and tap Battery Usage. Here you will learn which apps suck in the most electricity. Then, you can stop them from the application manager in the Settings, Apps menu. Scroll to the Running tab, then tap on the problematic app, and hit Stop. The danger of the do it yourself approach is indulging in over-analysing app behavior, which will ultimately take away from the joy of using the One M9. So give Greenify a chance before you go manual.

While you’re at it, consider disabling any apps and functionality you don’t use often. You can always enable them. So go back to Settings, Apps, scroll to the “All” tab, tap on an app you don’t need, and hit Disable. You can always enable the app later, so no worries. Also, users recommend turning off Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, Bluetooth, and other kinds of connectivity you aren’t actively using them. Additionally, the Facebook app is a huge battery drain too, so consider replacing it with Facebook Lite.

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