Apps to manage large screen smartphone from one hand

The recent era is the age of large size smartphones and most of the users love to use the devices having large screen but it’s quite difficult to use the large display handset from one hand. To accommodate the users most of the manufacturers gives the one hand mode operation on their interface. Samsung is the one being famous to launch the handsets with the big screens and for handling the big screen they provides the option like one hand, pop up view and some others.

The question arise here if the manufacturers not allowing the one hand use than how users can manage their big screen smartphone by one hand? Well we found the solution and the solution is the third party apps. There are plenty of apps available who make the big screen smartphone manageable with one hand. With these third party apps users are able to use their 5 inches plus screen size smartphone with one hand easily.


Lazy Swipe


If anyone feel hurdle to use the big screen handset with one hand and search the best alternative way the Lazy Swipe is here. This is the best apps for Android Phones to make them manageable from one hand. This application allows the users to swipe side by side and the panel is open with the things they required. This function need only one finger or thumb to swipe. This application also allows the users to adjust the swipe area or change the direction of swipe according to their convenience.


All in One Gesture


The back key is the most common key in the Android phone for using as the navigation keys and it’s not easy to reach towards the key because the button is placed in the down section of the handset. All in One Gesture is the application which allows the users to uses their smartphone right or left corner for swiping the menu and performs the navigation key function. The application remembers the area of swiping and use the setting which users feed during the deduction of the gesture accessing.


Swipe down notification bar


Drop the notification bar down wards is not easy to by using one hand in large screen smartphones but users can make this function possible by installing NOVA launcher. This application allows the Android users to use the blank part of the home screen for the gesture controlling and drop down the notification bar for viewing the notifications.

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