What is Oppo Hyper Boost Technology? And Which Smartphones Will Get IT

     News By : Sajid Ayaz    December 21,2018

Oppo had introduced Hyper Boost Technology for the first time back in October 2018. And now, there you may have seen many Oppo smartphones in market highlighted with the Hyper Boost Tech. So, today we are going to tell you what is Hyper Boost Technology? How it is advantageous for you? And which smartphones will receive or support this?


Hyper Boost Technology is a graphics accelerator software developed by Oppo. It comes in existence as a successful technique of upgrading software alternative to the hardware to support rich-graphical videos and games. In this way, the smartphone companies can easily provide their users with better animations and excellent gaming experience without spending on hardware up-gradation which causes to tend the mobile prices toward heights. Oppo is not only, the Huawei was also the first to introduce this type of technology named as Huawei GPU Turbo Tech.


When you run rich graphical multimedia applications such as while you’re gaming, the GPU of your smartphone produces and spreads graphics on your display, the primary frame of your game (which is similar or remains same as the other frames running after in your entire gaming) is cleverly saved by Hyper Boost intelligence, and then the technology quickly make some edits in basic gaming frame with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and offers you an edited frame instead of a completely new one. It accelerates the speed of producing more graphical frames per second for gaming and the users get faster and smooth gaming for having more fun.


Oppo Hyper Boost is really helpful for you if you love gaming and found of watching animated stuff. It makes your smartphone many times faster by sharing a load of hardware for producing graphics at a higher frequency which also causes to keep low down hardware temperature, that’s good for your device to boost its age and maintain performance for a long.

The Hyper Boost lets you experience heavy graphical games smoothly either it is a higher or a lower hardware powered smartphone. With the Hyper Boost, Oppo claims you can play top-rated 100 mobile games on an affordable device. Oppo also reported Hyper Boost Technology promises to make 31% faster solutions for your gaming either on Qualcomm or MediaTek Platform.

Mobile Devices Getting Hyper Boost

All Oppo Smartphones that come with Color OS v5.2.1 are running Oppo Hyper Boost Technology out of the box. The Handsets which will receive Color OS v5.2.1 via an update would also support this. All those Oppo devices which will get future updates of Color OS (above 5.2.1) will also carry Hyper Boost tech. The 2018 famous Oppo smartphones, the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro are powered by Hyper Boost.

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