Protecting your smartphone touch screens

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These amazingly effective tips can help you lower your chances of touchscreen damage!

Today smartphone manufacturing companies are after tougher and durable screen glasses that can stand the impact of drop offs and smashes. Though, screen glasses have come a long way in terms of their robustness and durability, still glass shattering remains one of the single most incurring damage to all smartphones. There are different safety accessories that can help lower the impact of any drop off or smash, still you need to be considerate even while using your touch screen, so as to protect it from any incurring damage.

Continue to read on if you want to know some of the precautionary measures that you should always remember while using your smartphone (iPhone or android or windows or anyother platform).

1.       Mind your force

Smartphone screens for latest mobiles are made sensitive enough to respond to slightest of touch. So, you don’t really need any force to maneuver around your mobile. So, while using your touchscreen smartphone you should use only minimal force required to maneuver around. Moreover another important aspect to remember is that never try to use any illegitimate object to navigate around your touch screen.

2.       “Old Tap” is the thing of Past

In older days, people use to tap their devices hard whenever it stop responding. Those days are gone and with the “old tap”. Today’s touch screen smartphone doesn’t have any response towards “Old Tap” and may in fact damage the functionality and sensitivity of your screen. In any case where you find your device non-responsive towards the touch you can visit nearest mobile repair shop to get a quick mobile fix.

3. Avoid Sunlight

The fact which not all of us know is that sunlight does really harm your touchscreen in a longer run. Though it might not pose a direct or immediate threat to your touch screen, an extended direct contact of touch screen with sunlight can in fact hamper the functionality and sensitivity of your touch screen. So, it is highly recommended to protect your smartphones with direct sunlight contact for long hours.

4. Be watchful while cleaning

We all think that while we turnoff our screens, we can’t do any harm to our screens. This is a total misconception and this practice can seriously harm your device’s screen functionality and sensitivity. First of all, never try to clean your screen while power-on (even if your screen is powered off). First safely remove the battery of your device (in case of iPhone turnoff the mobile completely). Once battery is removed, never try to use water for cleaning purpose. There are industrial cleaning agents available in market that offer complete safety and protection of your screen. You can buy these cleaningagents easily over the internet or visit some local mobile repair shop and purchase it from there. Once cleaned, make sure you have dried off any liquid present over screen, before turning your device ON.

If in any case you have incurred water damage to your iPhone screen, visit your nearest mobile repair shop for a quick and reliable fix.

Screen Protection Accessories

1.       Screen Protectors

Screen protectors forms the most important and effective screen protecting accessory. There are different type and quality of screen protectors available everywhere in the market and over the online mobile shops. We hgihylrecommend to use high quality durable screen protectors that have the durability required to absorb major shocks.

Tempered glass screen protectors are perhaps the best type of protectors you can get for your mobiles. These are made of durable and robust tempered glass which have great strength and durability against quite large shocks and smashes. You can buy one from your nearest mobile repair shop or from an online mobile shop.

2. Mobile covers

Apart from screen protectors, mobile covers can also help to reduce screen shattering chances. Today there are special tailor made mobile covers available in market with added cushion for drop-offs and smashes. You can easily buy these mobile covers to protect your touchscreen against all possible damages.





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