How to Record all calls directly in your Android

The current events make memory of the past in future. Among the current events our meetings, conversations and phone calls sometime play very important role and we want them to be present with us always particularly relevant to smartphone calls to wish some of them to be recorded because of their importance for event, content, date and timing. Sometimes they form important record for us and their future consumption seems to be very important.

Android Phones has this facility to record all your calls automatically and you miss nothing and make a selection of important once, deleting unnecessary. You can add your notes and remarks with these recordings. There is one word of precaution that the calls should not be recorded without the information as the other party. However sometimes they have legal implication and make solid evidence in proving something or establishing certain facts.

Users can record all the calls automatically by following certain steps.

First of all they need to select the install the automatic call recorder from Google play.

Now users need to login with the device or their dropbox account to save the recordings in cloud instead of cell phone. The app also has the ability to increase the volume of call if the caller volume is not clear and low.

Now the settings come which allow the users for additional settings.

Here users need to specify the format of the recorded files which they want to select.

Users need to clarify that what they want to record actually and check the box from settings record calls.

Now users are able to record all out going and incoming calls automatically. The red indication shows that the software is working.

After the call user will get the notification by selecting the notification users are able to rename the recording as they like.


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