Draining Batteries A problem faced by all smartphone users which is mainly caused by wrong usage practices of users

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Quick battery drainage is one of the most annoying experience for all smartphone users. Remember long time back when we all had simple feature phones with no exquisite features? Though we weren’t able to get entertain with those mobiles as they were mostly used for communication purpose only, still one thing that they had was long battery timing. Those were phones which we needed to charge just twice a week and they would have lasted easily.

The Smartphones:

Things have changed quite dramatically and today we have the most powerful of smartphones loaded with all imaginable apps and features that we could have asked for. We have literally unimaginable number of apps for everything we want. However, the reality today is that we are always after saving our battery power.

Where’s the problem?

Well to be honest, the problem doesn’t lie with the manufacturer as they are offering larger and larger capacity batteries every day. Simply you couldn’t have imagined 4000mAh batteries back in old days and now we see hundreds of smartphones with batteries capacity as large as 3000mAh to 4000mAh.

So, where exactly is the problem?

The problem lies in our extensive and irresponsible use of mobiles. If we had a break and just count the number of hours per day that we spent with our mobiles (this may include any task that we perform with mobiles in our hands including watching videos, listening songs, playing games, texting friends, using social media apps or calling) the resultant number would be whooping high. Moreover, we are always after installing more and more apps without considering their true utility.

If we truly see different apps installed in our mobiles we would see there are number of useless apps that either were installed for particular time or haven’t even been used once. Remember, number of installed apps is directly linked to your battery consumption andhigher the number of app faster will be battery consumption.

Which are most battery draining apps?

Well, this can be tricky to identify a single most battery draining app, however, studies have shown that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. are the largest contributor to battery drainage. In fact, in an experiment it was found that just by deleting Facebook app, you can actually save up to 20% of your battery power (that’s some number!).

After social media applications, games and HD videos are some other high battery draining activities that can significantly reduce your battery life. Moreover, there are many apps and even the mobile operating system that’s always looking for some connections. These connections are required to deliver us different services like informing the traffic pattern, locating the best dining place near our place etc. These connections can significantly consume battery power too.


How really we can maximize our battery life?

Well, there are number of things that you can do to enhance your smartphone battery life. First of all try removing any unwanted and unused apps installed into your device. Moreover, try to check for any background apps running constantly. These background apps can run even when you have closed them or aren’t using them actively. Make sure you kill these background apps to save your battery.


Even after implementing all battery saving tips your device battery isn’t giving you’re the adequate up time, you should probably get it checked from a mobile repair shop. Batteries can lose their capacity with time and wrong charging practices. Simply replace your mobile battery with a new one if the problem persists. 


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