Useful apps for Apple Watch

Apple iWatch, no doubt is getting popular among the users. The owners very curiously explore the features of their watch. Some are more adept to understand the features whereas others may not be as quick in understanding features installed in their smart watch. Here are some third party apps that can be installed in this smartwatch. Here we shall see how they are useful and can enhance the user experience.

Dark Sky


As the app name suggest this is the application that associate with the weather and gives the users a very natural and accurate warning that the rain will be start in a few minutes. This app is paid and users need to pay $3. 99 for availing this app.




Calcobot is the free app which is quite useful for the users because Apple did not add calculator in Apple iWatch therefore third party application is required for performing the mathematical functions. This is the basic version of calculator and can not perform advance scientific functions.




Is another free app of iWatch which has the reorganization sense of music. It is a free radio service which entertained the users in their free time and users do not have take out the watch to operate it. Once users activate the application it automatically play the tune as they select.




Is another free app for those who want to do business in their spare time. Basically robinhoon is the financial application which helps the user to buy or sale shares in stock market. This application provides the current situation in the stock market.




As the name suggest this is the sport based free application for the Apple iWatch. For th sports lovers it is a great means of entertainment and keeping them busy and update them with the latest sports activities.


Niki + Running


Is the helth and fitness app which is absolutely free. This application shows the standard functions like run distance and quick map. Beside that the application has some social features which motivate the users to do more exercise in proper way.


These are the list of apps which increase the ability of Apple iWatch and users will quite accurate and comfortable with these apps.


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