Transfer your photos and videos from an Android phone to an iPhone

To change the mobile phone or any other such mobile device was not all that easy but now manufacturers have come up with special apps and stream lined the process of transferring data from one device to the other with convenience and without loosing any data. However this difficulty still remains for transferring from Android to iPhone because of design feature of the operating system and particularly from Android to iOS – due to the latter’s closed-off environment. Switching to an iPhone needs lot of work and delay which is quite annoying.

In fact the process is not as difficult; you can transfer the contacts, mails, and calendars. Here we are going to explain how to transfer all our pictures and clips from our old Android handset to a new iPhone.


Download Copy My Data

Users will need to use Copy My Data for the process but for that the pre requirement is that both the smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Open the App on iOS

User’s first need to open the app on iOS, when the app is open a sets of command confirm that what you want to copy a Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, and Photos. Copy My Data needs these permissions so it could successfully.


Open Apps on Android

Apps on Android do not annoy you by reminding you permissions. When you choose to download the app it is automatically given and you can copy the data on both handsets by following just a couple of steps.


Connect phones

Turn on the iOS Phone but at the same time you should now be able to see your Android Phone. Now Tap it to connect, then choose “Copy data from selected device”.


Verify connection

You just need to verify the connection first. Your old handset shows the security PIN and you need to enter the same PIN code in your iPhone. This is the necessary step for the security. This step prevents you from the other who is in the same range and using this app.


Select Data to copy

When the Wi-Fi connection connect in the both smartphones and the connection gets verified select the data you want to copy from your Android phone to your iPhone. Transfer of contact, event and calendar is also possible and for that you just need a Google account sync and you are able to copy the data from the account.



When the data copy process take the place users need to wait a bit and when the process gets complete users find their Android Phone data in their iPhone.


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