Tips To Prolong Battery Endurance In Windows Phone 8.1

Battery is the energizing source for a mobile and should always be charged enough to keep your phone on and working. Low battery shutdown is very crucial happening. When you are out at a far off distance without recharging facility, there you feel the necessity of saving your battery to last longer. Most often it happens because many unused apps are active and keep draining the battery. Here are some tips to save the battery.


NFC (Near field communication) is one app. If you have this enabled on your device and not often used, will keep draining the current . You need to turn it off and save the battery. Go to Settings > NFC (Near field communication)  and select  to OFF.


Turn Off Scanning Of Wi-Fi Networks

Your telephone will automatically scan new Wi-Fi networks. It is helpful to scan it once initially and do not need to do it whenever we go to different places. To save battery on this account also, do these steps: go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Handle and uncheck “Mechanically hook up with Wi-Fi hotspots offered by my cellular operator” and “Ship details about Wi-Fi connections to assist uncover close by Wi-Fi.”


Turn Off Unnecessary Applications

Another reason for unnecessary consumption of your battery is keeping all applications active tough you may not be using them. So long they are open, background consuming of battery continuously. Just close them.


Peek Option in windows phone 8.1

Some applications are always active on the screen like clock or other notifications. Set them to off unless you desire them to see either by press button or any other mode provided by the manufacturer. Incase of windows phone 8.1, Go to Settings > Look > and underneath Look Display change it to “peek”.


Battery Saving Option

Go to the battery saving option in t he settings and select it by check mark.



Auto Brightness option

The battery consumption is proportionate to the brightness of the screen. If you are working in normal light conditions you need to set to mild brightness and you can brighten it up when out door in sun light. The precaution will save your battery. For this go to Settings > Brightness > select on.


Keep The screen background black

Under normal conditions you must set light off after reasonable gap. The screen should go black automatically after, say 15 seconds. For this go to Settings > Begin + Theme > chose darkish.


Turn Off The BlueTooth

Most of the windows 8.1 phones have Bluetooth as ‘Bluetooth Low Power’ or BLE.  This way the battery power will be consumed much less. Do not just keep it switched on and keep the battery being consumed. This is a special feature and should be used sparingly.


The above tips seem very small and not very important but their unnecessary activation silently keeps draining the battery. Just with a little care you can prolong the battery life of your cell.

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