Three main bugs of iOS versions that annoying the users

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Without any doubt, “Apple” made the perfect devices and in the meanwhile the devices run smoothly with their own iOS operating system. Apple gives the complete solution to the users to resolve their operating system issues themselves and if the users unable to fix the issues of operating system the complete customer care is also provided by Apple for resolving the issues.

In the recent past Apple was launched the iOS 8.3 operating system but unfortunately users are annoying still with this version of iOS as well and there are many complaints found in the Apple forum related to the iOS issues. Users are uncomfortable to use this iOS phones because of the issues and the problems are the main three bugs which are seemingly present in the new version of the operating system also.


The bugs are really big for the users who don’t want interruption while they are using the device and the presented bugs create the irritation for the users. The one bug creates the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. When the iOS users connect their smartphone with the Wi-Fi the bug gets active and disconnects the users from the network connection and all the activities connected to the internet get stop due to no connection availability. The same bug was present in iOS 8 version.


The 2nd bug is really smart and works like the crab. The iOS 8.3 featured iPhones and iPads are the devices which face this bug mainly. The bug clutch images on the camera of iOS 8.3 devices and disorder the pictures automatically and interestingly the third party app will also show these images in a nonsense order given by the bug and users gets irritated and some time stop using the device.


The third bug comes when users go to the iCloud storage. The bug shows the incorrect total storage of iCloud and users get confused. The bug shows the warning to the users that they have usage maximum space of the storage.


These are the bugs that need to be fixed as soon as possible because they continuously annoying the users but the good thing is that for the iOS users that they will soon get the iOS 8.4 which will probably released soon in WWDC held in June. This new version seems clear with these bugs and besides fixing the bugs the Apple also put new streaming music service in this new version of iOS. Hopefully, the iOS phones get rid of these bugs in iOS 8.4 version.



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