Store and share unlimited photos and videos with 'Shutter' app for the iPhone

The invention of iPhone opened the gate for many new things and internet added with smartphones and iPhones has brought us unimaginable facilities and enjoyments besides utilities. Here is a new app for your camera extension. Now your camera is only a media to capture images and making videos, the application will store it and make it possible to share it with others and there is no limit on this facility. Apple‘s new iCloud Photo Library with iOS 8 is good enough and yet there is something better than that. It is new app ‘Shutter’ which is unlimited in space for your most cherished photography.


Stream Nation has offered this new app for free not only facilitates you share multiple pics and video of any length; it provides unlimited storage as well. I Shutter is Infinite Camera app to snap and record anything you wish at any length and it backs up for free. The Stream Nation, also provide paid cloud storage expect a positive response from all over.

Shutter was reportedly conceived with a free storage and this free unlimited storage is not restricted in sharing videos and photos. Create a full length video of your interest, say from your vacation, and share with friends and family to unlimited extent and storage. Beside that get album management, beautiful timeline visualization, and background uploads and you are busy in doing something of your interest on your iPhone. You can access your last 200 most recent pics and videos offline by default. You can opt for 500. You have the facility of sharing the uploaded media in bulk, via email, social networks, or PMs.


The ‘Shutter’ app merges with you camera app, allowing to use custom filters for creative footage of your imagination and choice and you can stream the results to your TV via Air Play or using Google’s Chrome cast dongle.


If that’s not enough to convince you about Shutter, compared to Apple’s own iCloud solution, or even exclusive services like the unlimited storage that comes with Amazon’s Fire Phone, we don’t know what will. Check out Shutter from the source link below, and tell us what you think.

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