Mirror Your Android Screen on Mac or PC (Without Rooting)

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Had you ever mirrored your android screen on PC or Mac, how did you do that? It’s easy if you have rooted smartphone, but what if your phone isn’t rooted, still there are some easy and simple ways to mirror your android’s or tablet’s screen on PC. There would be plenty of reasons to do so, either you are to continue your work un-interruptedor you want to control your phone, transfer files or record your android’s screen while doing the stuff.

So, here are some easy to follow steps…

This is the quickest way, you don’t need to install anything on your phone but a chrome app to get the work done.



Requirements: A data transfer Cable, Vysor (Chrome app).

  1. Assuming you have chrome installed, chrome works on Linux, Mac and Window; vysor works on all these platforms.
  2. Enable the USB debugging mode, scroll over to Settings> About Phone and tap Build Number 7 times. (Skip this step if you already see Developer Options)
  3. Now go to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging Mode.


  1. Launch Vysor from Chrome App Launcher, tap on Find Devices, a pop-up appears on your android screen, tap on the OK button.
  2. Here you go, android’s screen will now appear on your computer. Now you can interact with your phone through the computer.
  3. Using Vysor screen reflects in real-time, but working wireless there is distinct lag.


Share Your Screen Wirelessly

You can also share your phone’s screen wirelessly, it’s easy to mirror withthe new feature of Android 5.0 Lollipop for a wireless solution.

How to Setup

  1. Download Mirror for Android and AllCast Receiver for chrome.
  2. Start AllCast Receiver from Chrome App Launcher and Mirror on your android, make sure that both of your devices are on the same WiFi Network.
  3. In Mirror choose network device matching with your network device and it will start with “Chrome @” followed by IP Address.

Now you can see your screen on PC, it supports other devices on the same network which includes Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV.

Disadvantages of Mirror

  1. You can’t interact with your Android phone from your PC, meaning no typing with computer’s keyboard on your phone.
  2. Mirror floating watermark will stay on the screen which can’t be removed; can be annoying for you.

We are curious to know which technique do you use for screen mirroring. Feel free to drop a comment below.


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