Know The Secret Tricks Of Your Windows Phone 8

Lumia camera by itself is a useful and powerful photographic aid for capturing beautiful sites and memories. Many users are not aware of special feature of camera installed in windows phone. It has the ability to translate any text into 39 different languages. Press and hold the Search (magnifying glass) button and click the eye icon. While pointing your camera to the object, click scan text. In case you are focusing your native tongue, it will give you list of other languages and you can chose one you like. If the text to scan is in other language it will automatically translate into your native language. It may have many benefits and usages but the best thoughts of is for the restaurant menu where many tourist visit. It may not be totally correct translation but will fairly serve the purpose.


2. Type fast with shortcuts


Typing takes quite some time entering the text. A tip in this regard will defiantly save you lot of time and enhance your speed instead of wasting time and again fiddling with the keyboard. You can compose your sms, email, one note entry etc at a better speed. Instead of using the numeric are punctuation buttons to change to respective mode and then choosing the desired mark or a digit and again to tab the button to go back, you need just to press and hold the numeric/punctuation button and select number or mark you want by sliding your finger. Lift your finger, the keyboard will return to default keyboard mode.


3. Select the music, magically.


To select a particular song or a particular singer you need to go through the search and find out the desire item. Instead the going through the whole process you can do it in simple way. Click on the Search button, select music note icon, and select on your Lumia at the tune. If your desired song does not belong to some old time, you will find the artist and the track and a link to guide you to purchase this piece of music presented with the artist, from the Windows Phone Store. It is greatly helpful in finding music currently played on different Medias.

4. Make web browsing quicker and easier


It is very desirable to straight away to your favorite websites without losing time in making search and then find out. It is not only on the smartphone but on any other device as well. Just try this nice trick to create a shortcut button right from the Internet Explorer web browser bar. For this go to Settings > Applications > Internet Explorer and select ‘favorites’ from the ‘Use address bar button for’ drop-down list. The other choice is to choose tabs that will show you your saved sites, or keep it as the default stop/refresh button.


5. Respond to a phone call with an SMS


In case you are not in a position to attend a phone call you can opt for another choice. Make use of built-in feature and send a text message to the caller rather than answer the call. Just ‘slide up’ on incoming call press the ‘text reply’ button, select a  default message or compose new and send.

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