iOS 9 features problems persisting in iPhone 6s

iPhone 6 series are the pride product of Apple and is probably the most popular Smartphone currently selling in the market and bring huge business to Apple. When we claim something to be perfect, we are ready to accept any flaws in it. The critics have been very strict in judging the iPhone 6 and found out some features that need to be rectified. In fact, they are few features present in iPhone 6s that’s really annoying the users and the issues need to be resolved on the priority basis for relaxing the users and made the iPhone usage smooth as expected.

Users will be shocked after knowing that some features are still not present in both most operable operating systems iOS and android, for example, the proper 4K video editor is missing in Android. But here we are going to see what the flawed present in iOS 9 is.

 No Proper Customization of icon on Desktop 

Although there is nothing seriously wrong with the interface which is well arrayed with icons of different applications. With iOS 9 it is not possible to customize the icons as users want. Users need to have the screen full of icons and they only can be placed in a specifying area. This difficulty is slightly annoying for the users and they feel they are bound by the iOS and cannot act or move on their own. Apple needs to reconsider this difficulty faced by the users and maybe they do something in this regard.

Users still have to sync via iTunes

Right from the beginning when iPhone was introduced and operated on iOS, it has the limitation of placing and moving the files freely on users will. One has to move via iTunes and only that users can place the files as desired, for example an MP3 file cannot be moved without synchronizing wait iTune and sometimes it really becomes irritating to go through the whole process. Hopefully, the issue is in the notice of Apple and they must be doing something about it.

 No fast typing of numbers is possible with the keyboard

It is very strange that Apple has a keyboard which poses serious difficulties to the users in typing. It designed its keyboard and installed it with its first model of iPhone with these difficulties. This particular difficulty is with third party keyboards and Apple is persistently using this keyboard with all its difficulties for the users. This is not a minor issue and must be in the notice of Apple. Only they know why they are using this keyboard.

No option for clear all

If you wish to delete the notification you will have to do all individually and you have no option for select all or clear all. Certainly the team of developers must be aware of this shortcoming and hopefully would do something about in this missing feature.


In this article, the intention is not at all to criticize the iPhone 6 series or downgrade this product. In fact, aim is to highlight some features which are not convenient for the users and made them annoying.

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