Get More Out of Your Apple iPhone Earpods

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When you buy a newer iPhone model you get a set of Apple Earpods along with remote and microphone. Aside from high quality sound and comfortable design they provide, there are some additional functions of these headphones beyond just playing music.

If you are not aware of all the functions of your iPhone’s Earpods then this article is for you. Below is the complete list of the functions of Earpods.


Unlike traditional circular earbuds Earpods (with 3.5mm Headphone Plug) are designed according to the geometry of ear which makes them more comfortable for the user. The speakers are designed to provide high quality audio and minimize sound loss.

It includes a built-in remote which can be used to control playback of video and audio, adjust the volume level and answer or reject the call.

  • Activate Siri

To activate Siri, press and hold the middle button for a while.

  • Answer and Reject Call

To answer the call press the middle button once. To reject a call press and hold middle button for a while the beeps you hear indicate that call has been rejected.

  • Skip or Move to Previous Track

To skip a song quickly press the middle button twice and to move to previous song press the middle button three times.But in youtube, pressing twice or thrice only reloads the video.

  • Play & Pause Song

To play and pause the song press center button twice. Besides this it should work in most apps on your iOS device like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Play Music but some apps won’t play nice.

  • Rewind

To rewind the song just click the center button and hold it.

  • Take a Picture

You can take a picture and change your earpods to a selfie stick. To do so just open the camera, place at a desired distance use either of the volume buttons to take a photo.


Earpods can also be connected to iPod and by pressing the center button it will tell you the name as well as artist of the song. Earpods can also be connected to Mac to control the iTunes and Quick Time Player.


Price of Earpods is $29, the new earpods are being appreciated over their quality. They are also compatible with Windows and Android phones.


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