Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Features Not Present in Galaxy S6 Edge

There is always a reason behind launching the new handset. Smartphone manufacturers wanted to provide the users quality things but here is question arise that what is the reason behind launching the plus version of the already existing handset. The common though is that the plus version has only large in size but in case of Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus the scenario is bitten different company was added some new features is Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that are not known by common users so here we are going to describe these features and their functionality. Though the features are not too big but they all are useful.


There is an option present with the name People Edge which allows the users to select any five contacts and place them on the side this is the exclusive feature in Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. This option provides some new ways to interact with the contact. In this users don’t need to send any SMS, Email or call they just need to tap the contact they want to interact and the digital nudge appear they also made the handmade pattern, pick any pic from gallery or emoticons available in the mobile and the replies go to the selected contact when they send. This whole process called OnCricle.

Apps Edge

There is no restriction on Edge panel that they only show the contact. In Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the second swipe opens the quick access apps tray and users are able to drag the selected app and the app is open. Users can also customize their applications by selecting add apps from the menu. This is the really time saver feature.

Select Side

Samsung added this slide function in Edge screen from either side of the S6 Edge Plus. For using this user need to go in Settings then select Edge Screen, Edge Position and then Edge Screen Side. Once done the options to move the slider handle around the screen. Now chose whether it shows up on the home, lock, or both screens.

Video Collage

This is a useful and exclusive camera feature present in Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. In this users are able to record the video nonstop. For using this feature, users need to go Mode in the camera app and select Video Collage. By using this amazing feature users also capture video in slow motion and they also have the option to edit audio while they are recording slow motion movie and one recording complete they able to tag the video and now the video is ready to share with anyone they want to share.


These are the hidden features of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which add more charm inside the handset. These intensive features are not listed in Galaxy S6 Edge. There is no doubt that the Galaxy S6 Edge is the good Android Smartphone, but these extra features are the plus points of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which attract the users easily towards the handset.

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