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With the advent of computers many things popped up, beside commercial media it became a big source of entertainment through video games like Commodores, Ataris and the first Nintendo. Then sparing the computer for bigger jobs, play stations took the place but in satiable as the human mind is, now everything is being stuffed in mobile phones making it more mobile and handy. Generally modern smartphones are made on very heavy configuration yet all are not fit for the gamer s purpose.


A gamer wants the best games and more games – the better; therefore the first priority for gaming device is ecosystem. Once we select the game the next criteria is performance that means vivid display and sound quality. Of course processors, RAM and GPU do matter.


Let us see some devices suitable for the purpose.


Apple’s iPhone 5S is a well known device and most suitable for the gamer for app ecosystem. The iOS ecosystem continues to be the best. Android perhaps with more apps on the Google Play Store than Apple on App Store. Google’s platform does not compete with the quality and speed of games on iOS. The iPhone 5S, a desktop-class 64-bit chip, delivers smooth performance on-screen benchmarks. The iOS ecosystem has custom-made accessories, gaming stands, joysticks and everything to satisfy gamers.

The stylish Android-powered HTC One (M8) is next to iPhone 5s in gaming. More important is the combination of big bright 5-inch display and loud and clear stereo speakers that make for real gaming experience.


Samsung invented the phablet the devices with larger-than-life displays, and the Galaxy Note 3 is the greatest phablet, an Android device has very game ecosystem and Note 3 has really outstanding performance.


Samsung Note 3 with its powerful combination of Snapdragon 800 chip with 3GB of RAM,32GB of storage, and Adreno 330 graphics games run smooth.You can have your full collection of games and lot of free space.


The next in the category is from Sony and they have worked tirelessly on redefining Xperia lineup, and it is the Xperia Z2 is the third device that we are talking about in the category. We need not say too many words about this perfect product absolutely fit for gamers.


Finally, The Nexus 5 is another device with a very-well calibrated display the pleasure for the gamers. Though slightly weaker on sound experience it’s the best suiting economically.


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