Battery revolution could double your Smartphone’s Life in 2017

     News By : Sajid Ayaz    August 25,2016

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a new type of battery that is half in size and double in energy; it boosts performance of the smartphones.  The institute claims that the rechargeable battery will give a powerful performance and users don’t need to charge it twice to make it through 24 hours.

The battery called a lithium metal battery, it solved the battery problem for all smartphone users. It allegedly provides double the energy aptitude of normal lithium ion batteries and could be released in 2017.

The new battery is actually developed by SolidEnergy Systems, a corporation initiated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company plans to bring batteries accessible for wearable and smartphone makers next year.

Hu, CEO of SolidEnergy said that, “With two-times the energy density, we can create a battery half the size, but that still lasts the equivalent amount of time, as a lithium ion battery. Or we can build a battery the similar size as a lithium ion battery, but at the moment it will last twice as long,”

In the battery common battery anode material is used such as graphite, high energy lithium-metal foil, which can hold more ions- a charged atom or molecule, thus it provide more energy capacity.

Back in October 2015, SolidEnergy presented the first ever working prototype of a rechargeable lithium metal smartphone battery with double energy density, which earned them over $12 million from different investors.


In iPhone 6 a half size lithium battery is equipped that delivers 2.0 amp hours, contrast with the lithium ion batteries 1.8 amp hours.

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