Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Camera Comparison), which one is better for photography?

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Apple iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are the top-tier devices by the largest smartphone makers. Both are $1000 phones and have the same rear-mounted Dual 12MP Camera resolution, one is wide-angle lens and the other is telephoto. So, we’ve made a “Camera Comparison” between the iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9 for the photography lovers in order to help themselves in choosing the better option at the same price.

iPhone XS vs Galaxy Note 9 (Low-Light Shots test)

Wider the aperture is, brighter the low-light photos are. Apple iPhone XS brings Dual 12MP + 12MP Rear Cameras having f/1.8 aperture for wide-angle lens and f/2.4 aperture for the secondary telephoto camera. On the other hand, Samsung Note 9 comes with the same (Dual 12MP + 12MP Rear Cameras) resolution but having f/1.5 aperture for the wide-angle camera and f/2.4 aperture for the secondary telephoto lens. Also, you can switch the Note 9s’ main 12MP f/1.5 to f/2.4 and f/2.4 to f/1.5 aperture. Apple iPhone XS low-light images are admirable, but the Note 9 gives slightly better results for low light shots.

iPhone XS vs Galaxy Note 9 (Daylight Photography test)

With the support of new Smart HDR, Apple iPhone XS 12MP RGB sensor stands first in the daylight photography. The Smart HDR automatically makes fixes and offers more detailed images than the Galaxy Note 9. The Portrait lightning effects are also enhanced for a good depth in pictures. Samsung Note 9’s 12MP RGB sensor also supports HDR and AI camera technology to choose the best setting for excellent pictures but they are still behind the stunning iPhone XS. The telephoto cameras of the iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9 give the similar results.


Both the Apple iPhone XS and Samsung Note 9 enable dual pixels PDAF, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and 2x optical zoom.

iPhone XS vs Galaxy Note 9 (Video Recording test)

With the iPhone XS, you can make 4K videos at 24fps, 30fps and 60fps as well as FHD videos at 30fps, 60fps, 120fps and 240fps. It is boosted with stereo sound recording for immersive sound. Coming to the Samsung Note 9, it lets you record 4k videos at only 60fps and FHD videos at only 240fps, and there is no stereo sound recording.

Super Slow-mo: It is an additional feature which is only available in Galaxy Note 9. The Super Slow-mo allows you to shoot slow motion HD videos at amazing 960 frames per second. It can make 0.4 seconds shorter video longer up to 6 second.

It is concluded that Apple iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9 both give worthy video recording experience.

iPhone XS vs Galaxy Note 9 (Selfie Camera Comparison)

Apple iPhone XS has 7MP (f/2.2) front camera which captures impressive selfies, but the Samsung Note 9 has 8MP (f/1.8) front camera which offers the vibrant, brighter and more splendid selfies than the iPhone XS. Both are enabled with AI Camera tech, HDR mode and adaptable Bokeh mode to adjust blur effects after taken the selfies. With the Galaxy Note 9, you can make QHD video calls at 30fps while the iPhone XS lets you make FHD video calls at 60fps.


Apple iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 both are superb for camera lovers and it is really hard to choose either one. Apple Smart HDR attracts at one side while the Samsung Super Slow-mo is also impressive at the other side. we have to select on the whole better camera phone and therefore we prefer the Galaxy Note 9, thanks to its overall excellent camera performance for the best in low light shots and selfies.

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