Android 6 Marshmallow vs iOS 9 interface comparison

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Apple and Google are two big champions in the field of smartphone making and their operating systems, have recently launched and successfully used their latest operating systems. Google has developed their latest system Android 6 Marshmallow which is working pretty well. The other giant, Apple, has developed their latest iOS 9 which again is considered to be the best. Nothing more and new is currently expected in this year.

The two latest systems have focused on the operating functionality of the smartphones and everything that has improved is inside the device and nothing is visible on the screen. In other words, they are not focused on visual orientation or the interface part of it and cover performance, battery management, and general feature improvements.

Just for users’ interest we carried out a comparison on realistic grounds to determine which operating has more popularity among the users and where they stand in comparison to each other in different aspects and particularly the visual comparison between the two well-known mobile platforms.

It is interesting to know that a poll was arranged to find out the opinion of different users. Everyone can participate but here is what we have found out so far. The devices were compared by dividing the operating system into eight categories. The net result is that Android Marshmallow got 13,793 votes whereas iOS 9 could only win 7,785 votes. Android won in 7 categories out of 8 and stands a clear winner.

•    The first category of comparison is Lock screen and home screen.  In the poll, it was found that three times more users liked the Android's home screen as compared to iOS 9 which gives overwhelming superiority to Android over iOS9.

•    The second category compared was ‘Quick Settings & folders’ where again iOS lost in popularity. It could get only 38.6% votes but could not defeat Marshmallow which got a big lead of 61.4%.

•    The third category in comparison was Virtual assistants where again 1,871 Android fans more than Apple showed their liking over Siri in Apple’s iOS9.

•    In comparing Stock wallpapers, iOS accumulated 42.19% of all votes which is reasonable but does not give a winning edge to Apple over Android Marshmallow.

•    App switchers were fifth category of comparison where again Android Marshmallow is more favored. Apple could get only 27.84% votes whereas Marshmallow got 72.16% votes which are a very victory for Android.

•    The sixth field of comparison was ‘Settings’ where Marshmallow got 67.26% votes and, here again, iOS lost the comparison.

•    The keyboard is the seventh category and iOS 9 got only 33.4% popularity and Marshmallow won the comparison with 66.6% of all votes.


•    In Camera, interface category iOS scored a deserving win over Android camera app. probably this is the only category where iOS got superiority over Marshmallow.


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